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  Traditional Surgical Abortion  

The most commonly performed abortion procedure is the traditional surgical abortion.

It is highly effective and complications are very rare.

This simple procedure lasts less than 5 minutes, and you have the option of being awake or being asleep with general anesthesia.

You Have a Choice: Local or General Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia
Local anesthesia involves the injection of pain-stopping medication into the cervix by the doctor performing the procedure.  You will still be awake during the procedure and will experience moderate to strong cramping for about 5 minutes. 

General Anesthesia
This involves the administration I.V. medication into the bloodstream.  These medications are given by a separate physician specially trained in anesthesia.  You will be sleeping for the entire 5 minute procedure and can expect to wake up almost immediately afterwards in our recovery room.

Unlike other offices, there is NO ADDITIONAL FEE FOR GENERAL ANESTHESIA.

Making Your Appointment

There is no waiting period for an appointment.  We have appointments available everyday, except for Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Before You Arrive For Your Appointment

When you call to make your appointment, we’ll go over this information with you so that you will be completely prepared before you come to our office:

  • Do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before (no gum, no candy, no water) if you plan on having general anesthesia.  If you want to be awake during the abortion procedure, you can have a very light breakfast.
  • You must have an escort to take you home after the procedure if you plan on having general anesthesia.  You cannot go home alone and you absolutely cannot drive.  If you want local anesthesia, you don’t need an escort.
  • Feel welcome to bring a book, magazine, or your MP3 player with you if it will help you feel more comfortable.

Fees & Payment

We accept most insurance plans.  Just let us know if you plan on using your insurance plan, and we will verify your coverage in advance of your appointment.

We also accept NY State Medicaid.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express:

The Day of Your Visit

You can expect to be in our office for about 3 hours.

Your Medical History

When you first arrive in our office, you will be asked to complete a few simple medical history forms. The completed forms will be returned to our Patient Advocate at the Front Desk.

Medical History Review

An Intake Counselor will review your medical history with you.  She will also review information about your insurance and collect payment, if necessary.


After we have reviewed your medical history forms, a trained ultrasound technologist will perform your sonogram. There is little, if any, discomfort.   A sonogram will tell us exactly how many weeks pregnant you are.


Immediately after the sonogram a Medical Assistant will take your weight, blood pressure, and temperature. She will also perform a fingerstick to get a few drops of blood to test you hematocrit and Rh factor.

Support and Informed Consent

Once your lab work is completed, you will have the opportunity to speak with a Patient Educator in private.  She will review the procedure and the aftercare instructions with you, and answer all of your questions.  She will also make sure you understand the Informed Consent that you will be signing with her.  Finally, the Patient Educator will discuss your birth control options.

You can talk with the Patient Educator about any special concerns or issues you have about the abortion. This session is completely confidential.   She is here to help you.

The Abortion Procedure
(About 5 – 10 minutes)

The GYN doctor will begin the abortion procedure by giving you a brief pelvic exam.  If you want to be asleep during the procedure, the anesthesia will be administered after this examination.  After this, the doctor will then use a small suction canula to remove the pregnancy from the uterus.  If you have general anesthesia ( asleep) you will not feel any pain during the abortion.  If you stay awake (local anesthesia) you will feel heavy cramps (like menstrual cramps).


Once the abortion is completed, you will be in our recovery room where a nurse and her assistant will monitor your condition.  You will probably have some cramps and bleeding at this time.  This is normal.  After spending about 45 minutes recovering, you will be able to go home.

After the Abortion

Most women are able to return to their normal activities immediately after an abortion.  For about 2 weeks after the procedure, you may experience irregular bleeding and some cramping. This is normal.  We advice against sexual intercourse, swimming, douching, and using tampons until you return for your 3 week check-up. 

Whenever you think you may have a problem, or even if you have a simple question, we are available 24 hours to take your call.




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